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The MicroFarm Creamery

Raw Products:

Farm fresh, homemade, churned. organic ice cream

Our ice cream is made with real farm fresh duck eggs with special organic flowers, buttermilk and unbleached cane sugar. 

Experience the goodness of fresh, local, seasonal, ingredients. No artificial flavors, additives, or stabilizers. 

Our Magic


The difference between our frozen custard ice ream and soft serve? Rich duck eggs sourced right here on our farm. Taste the difference & meet the ducks when you book a visit to the farm. We use organic A2  whole milk and fresh farm flowers for our special flavors, soon to be available in pints as well!  

Our Farm & Flavor Tradition

Founded by first-generation Bangladeshi-American organic farmers, our recipes are inspired by the notes of jasmine flowers, dried rose buds, cardamom, brown sugar, and as we Bengalis know it "Gono Doodh": the fragrance of fresh, cows milk boiled and creamy with a layer milk skin. Our ice cream is not soft served but homemade and CHURNED; fully organic from our eggs to your the first taste of your farm fresh ice cream 

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