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Teeming with Vitamin A & Vitamin K as well as high amounts of antioxidants, arugula is a delicacy and a delight. With a mild spicy taste and its dark green leaves, arugula microgreens pair well with Salads, pizza, pasta, cheese, fish/seafood, etc. The crisp greens carry a zesty, peppery flavor and were selectively curated to provide chefs with a unique, edible garnish. Micro Arugula is generally harvested 1 week after seeding, ensuring the greens have a tender consistency. Micro Arugula can be used to elevate in-house dining, complementing ingredients without overpowering the main flavor of the dish, and it can also be incorporated as a takeout garnish. Packing the tiny greens in a takeout meal as a surprise element allows consumers to sprinkle the microgreens over the dish, creating an emotional and sensory dining experience at home. 


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